The Weather Forecast in Cape Town is constantly changing and one can experience almost all the four seasons in one day. The weather and rainfall in the cape is also getting a lot of attention because of the water restrictions and shortages that the cape is currently experiencing. has an up-to-date weather forecast and also offers a print version of the weather forecast that is ideal for guesthouses and activity ventures that want to share the weekly forecast with their guests.

As the Cape enters the season of Autumn, Capetonians are all hoping that Cape Town and the western cape gets sufficient rainfall to end the water shortages. You can view and monitor the dam levels here.  The water issue is becoming all the more pressing as people of the Cape love their gardens and these gardens are suffering and wilting before our eyes as the water shortages continue.

Keep up to date with the weekly weather forecast here and I guess and live more water-wisely and try to conserve water as much as possible.

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